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I don’t miss the cassette tape, but this is pretty cool. I remember sitting by the stereo waiting to hit record on that one new song I wanted. Long live nostalgia, but not the cassette tape.

mecc interiors | design bites

A retro-inspired piece for those who remember the cassette tape, the Mixtape Table was designed by Jeff Skierka Designs (JSD).  The prototype table is an exact 12:1 scale replica of a cassette and is reversible, featuring both an A and a B side.

Currently, the one-of-a-kind piece is made of reclaimed maple, walnut, and lucite.  JSD expects future versions to be machined from a variety of high-grade plywoods and glass.

I love the look of the table and can think of at least one application where I would love to incorporate into a future project.  My only request to JSD… please keep the reclaimed wood and lucite!

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The weather has not exactly been inspiring around here, but I’m looking forward to change of seasons and hope for improved forecasts soon. In anticipation of this, my brother-in-law, Kal, and I have our permits in for the Enchantments and I ordered myself a new down bag. A 2 lb REI sub kilo +20 long bag. It looks a bit slim on the cut so we’ll see how comfy it is. But it is half the weight and should pack to half the size as my old bag. Should make the packing part of backpacking more bearable.

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New tech

I just had to give this a shot. Picked up a Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7 this week. Couldn’t be happier with it. Loaded up the Geocaching app and found some star maps, need a good trail list app now. Has a decent camera on it and this WordPress app is great, maybe I’ll blog more often . . . maybe.

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Winter daydreams about summer hiking

Today brought clear skies to the Seattle area. I like to be outside and see the stars at night when I can, that’s not normally an option in the winter here. It has me looking forward to some summer hiking trips. Not too many plans just yet, definately some weekend overnighters with the scout troop I work with. But I’m most excited about getting back to the Enchantements. Granite basins, towering peaks and Alpine lakes made my trip there in 2008 one of the most memborable outings to date.

The permit process this year for the Enchantments has changed and I hope to luck out with permits. And I’ll be hitting the trail for my first backpacking outing with my bro-in-law Kal. It will be awesome and possibly epic (well, not really, but definately fun at least). Hopefully they’ll be chances to get out again with some of my other brothers as we’ve done in past years and of course with my little hikers.

Other summer plans include, I hope, a backpacking first for me and my wife. We’ve car camped, dayhiked and even kayaked but never backpacked. She’s agreed to an overnighter (get ready grandparents!) and so we’ll find a nice hike that I hope will get her more interested in this. Maybe someday we’ll have some family backpacking outings (crazy idea, but I can dream) that’ll create some chaotic but fond memories.

ONP hike

Olympic National Park Trip - 1st backpacking trip since I was a scout - 4/2005

Kal on the Echo Lakes hike near Lake Tahoe, includes part of the PCT - 6/2010

The Enchantments
The Enchantments – 8/2008
Shanda hiking at Cougar Mountain

Shanda & Kiera hiking at Cougar Mountain - 4/2008

Memorial bridge in progress from March ’09

Since I’d just posted a pic of the completed Memorial bridge from Hoover Dam, I thought I’d share with you a pic of the bridge I took back in March of 2009 on a kayaking trip down the Colorado river with my Dad and brothers.

The view from the Dam was cool, but I prefer just about any view while sitting in a kayak.

Hoover Dam and new Black Canyon bridge

Christmas ’10 pic – The New Bridge

Another Christmas 2010 Trip pic, for more see my Flickr set.

The new bridge

During our trip to Vegas, we had the chance to go to Hoover Dam and walk across the new Memorial Bridge as well. 

My only tip, don’t take your wife and your kids at the same time.  Being so high with such a long drop under us had Shanda on edge the entire time thinking about a child climbing the railing.  And I’m the one typically with a heights issue.

A winter day hike with Kael

Last Saturday brought us some decent weather here in the NW. So I set out with Kael to find a quick trail to stretch our legs on. We found ourselves at Cougar Mountain with just a little over an hour to put some mud on our shoes.

Kael liked jumping the small creeks that will dry up this summer.
Kael vs. the Creek

I like seeing the waterfalls this time of year that are at the peak of their flow.
Coal Creek Falls

We were both happy to be outside.
Triumphant at Coal Creek Falls

And even on a mountain full of people looking to escape their winter shelters, there are quiet moments and scenes that make you stop for a moment.
Winter light